Wednesday, July 29, 2009

House of Green

Who knew that a bucket O venetian plaster would "fire" (LoL) this puppy back up. I'm in the market for a LARGER picture because she suddenly shrunk before my very own eyes. Gahhhh, I have to go shopping again? *wink*

Design On A Dime

So here is the rest of the story...Check out my latest "find" ~ My Momeni Rug! Isn't she a beauty? Never know what you'll find in the heart of Arkansas! We won't deal with digits, but let's just say she found me and saved me over $2000 buckaroos. Bargain Beauty.

I need to pull "her" back some but considering she is a BIG ole fatty, I'll have to wait on the MR...

(My fireplace was "in the works" during the taking of this photograph. LoL.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Master Bath Sneak Peek

The BEST is yet to come...

The LOVE Shack

To Do: Add sitting area & side table...Hang pictures...Change lamp shade

Holy WHITE Desk!

Drop Your Drawers HERE.

Green is NOT the New Black~

To Do: Buy 1 tube of wood filler & fill holes.